Sami S. Jarroush
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Sami resides in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he and his wife runs their healing center, HARMONY – A Wellness Center, and their newly launched hypnotherapy school, HARMONY INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY (HICCH). For more information visit and 

Sami S. Jarroush was living an ordinary life. He had moved many years ago from Lebanon to the United States in hope of a peaceful, war free life for himself and his family. He established himself first in Illinois, then New Jersey and finally in North Carolina, where he presently resides. 

Sami lived day to day going through the motions of a normal routine, but he somehow believed that he was missing something. He often felt that there was more to life than what he was seeing and living consciously. He asked himself over and over again, “What am I here for?”, “What is the meaning of my life?” He kept asking himself the same questions until one day he began to hear the answers.  

Sami’s spiritual self awareness journey changed drastically when he started to hear and see his guardian angel, James. He wrote I AM THE BODY, THE MIND AND THE SOUL to share the words of this loving angel that so profoundly changed his life, as he was guided to the way of hope, love, happiness and faith.  

Sami resides in Wilmington, North Carolina, where he runs his healing center, Harmony – Wellness Center, and his hypnotherapy school

Sami is a Reiki Seichim Master Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist/Instructor, Life Counselor, Muscle Release Technique Practitioner and Holistic Nutrition Consultant.